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Food Grade Purified Dental Hydrogen Peroxide Made in USA

Hydrogen peroxide is the most effective teeth whitening solution known. No other formula can match the effectiveness of hydrogen peroxide, the choice of professionals and dentists around the world.

Our formula of hydrogen peroxide made in the USA can be produced in any percentage up to 40%. Normal percentages available online are 6%, 12%, 17.5%, 20%, 25%, 35% and our newest and strongest 40%, but other percentages are available upon request. Please note: Hydrogen Peroxide 25% 35% and 40% should not be used without a gum barrier.

Our hydrogen peroxide gel is cool when ordered, an important consideration when using hydrogen peroxide. Our formula contains GSE (grapefruit seed extract), an effective deterrent against periodontal disease and gingivitis. GSE is also an important antibacterial agent and gives us the advantage of providing a natural product without paraben.

Carbamide peroxide must break down into hydrogen peroxide for it to oxidize stains. This decomposition takes more time to do the same job as hydrogen peroxide and uses up much of the chairside treatment time. Unless there is no refrigeration capacity or the product has to remain on a shelf until it is sold, (for example in a pharmacy), this is not the best choice for chairside treatments . Carbamide peroxide is about 1/3 the strength of hydrogen peroxide. It is available in 35%, which equals 12% hydrogen peroxide, and 44%, which equates to 16% hydrogen peroxide.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

European regulations without peroxide have restrictions on the use of peroxides. Our peroxide-free formula is based on sodium bicarbonate. Sodium bicarbonate is a desirable formula and has been used for decades as a toothpaste to clean and whiten teeth naturally. Our peroxide-free formula has a great taste and provides cavity protection and stain protection.

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