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Lampe de blanchiment dentaire lampe de blanchiment des dents avec LED lampe de blanchiment dentaire 12 ampoules

60W Teeth Whitening Lamp | Professional dental LED

SKU: sdrte-z4315

Professional dental whitening lamp

2 year warranty | 12LED 5W/pcs | 60 watts 

1. The whitening system must be assembled before use. Please open the package, take out the parts from the package, discard the protective glue film.

2. Put the attachment plug of the whitening system into the power socket, and then open the power switch of the power box (ON), at the same time the screen of the machine lights up, and it will show each parameter before closing the machine last time.

3. Press the "TIME +-" button, the display time flashes, then you can adjust the time. It will increase or decrease 1 minute once. The maximum range for the setting time is 30 minutes. Final turn "TIME +-" again to fix the setting.

4. Press the "TEMP +-" button, the display temperature flashes, then you can adjust the temperature. It will increase or decrease 1℃ once. The maximum range for setting time is 30-40℃. Final turn "TEMP +-" again to fix the setting.

5. When you turn the "AUTO" button, the power flashes, then adjust "TEMP +-", it will increase or decrease 10%. The range of output power from 10% to 100%.

6. Press the "start" button, the bleaching system will turn on, and at this time, the bleaching system will work according to the setting request, and the screen will display the working time and the left temperature; If you open the automatic constant temperature process, the machine can work according to what you set the automatic temperature. The same function as the main frame.

7. Press the button of "AUTO(ON/OFF)", the 'AUTO' screen will flash, it can be turned off. When "AUTO" is on, can adjust the temperature, when off, can adjust the power.

Input voltageAC100V~240V, 50/60Hz

Blue Light Wavelength400-460nm

Power60WIllumination intensity300-400mw/cm²

Contact temperature 35-40 degrees

Ships from USA with DHL Express  of 3  5 working days, except for lamps  6-15 business days shipped from China with Fedex Express.

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Trés bon produits

Super résultat !! en 1 séance plusieurs teintes gagnées

Ik raad dit product aan.


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Un léger retard sur la livraison mais le résultat est tout simplement époustouflant. sa vaut le coup.

Ik raad dit product aan.

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